Rail Transport

Rail transportation is one of the most preferred transportation methods due to being less affected by external factors, being low cost, being able to transport heavy tonnage products, easing the load of the road and being the most environmentally friendly transportation method. As M&T Intermodal, we offer the most accurate solutions to our customers with our specialized staff in Railway and intermodal transportation

In addition to door-to-door transportation with container, block train and intermodal transportation, our services are as follows:

  • Open and closed wagon, “Shippersown” and “Railway owned” container handling
  • Intermodal, door-to-door transport solutions with 45 containers between Turkey and European countries
  • Economical full train transportation (block train organizations) specific to your needs)
  • Assessment, evacuation and handling of wagons
  • Consolidation (Lashing)

Important Service Points

  • We carry out wagon shipments on Baltic States line and Georgia.
  • We offer Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan container railway services over the Russian port of Novorossiysk.
  • We carry out intermodal wagon loads between CIS and Turkey.
  • We offer competitive prices for imports and exports to Iran.